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Clinical Mental Health Counselor

What has your path been like to mental and spiritual wellness looked like so far? How do you want it to change, evolve, and expand? These are the questions I frequently ask myself. Looking back I can see my spirit guides have always been pushing me in the direction of healing.

Throughout graduate school I was able to deepen my spiritual practice while learning the traditional fundamentals of mental health counseling. Currently I work to not compartmentalize, but incorporate natural and energy healing with my talk therapy.

I view the body, mind, and soul as one entity, which should heal as one entity. If we do not heal our bodies, our mind will still ache, if we do not heal the mind our souls will be in distress.

Professional Experience

My educational background is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling which I am currently practicing. I have worked to gain experience in the areas of substance abuse, trauma, and mind-body connection. I am trained as a Reiki II healer, Crystal Healer, and Yoga teacher. I bring all these training, skills, and experiences together to provide a unique healing experience.

I hope you join me on your own journey, wherever it takes you, to experience and learn more about how I weave mental wellness principals into energy therapy.

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